Redefining the Civil Rights Battle

by La Shawn on 03.09.05

in BC Wisdom

Fellow conservative Mychal Massie and I agree on many things, including a distaste for Republicans “courting the black vote.” If you think I’m hard-hitting, check out his latest column :

The guarantee of opportunity must be understood in context. It is not the guarantee of success, but rather the guarantee of opportunity to succeed as defined by the skills, preparedness and determination of the individual so inclined. The battle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as accorded by the Constitution has been won.

While I am unapologetic in my contempt for race divisionists – I have the utmost respect and admiration for the civil-rights warriors who fought so gallantly to secure the freedoms of our Constitution for all. But it is important to note that history is replete with examples of great warriors, generals, militiamen, etc. who did not recognize when the battle was over and the war had been won.

Such is the case with far too many who are respected in the civil-rights movement. America needs them to refocus on the 21st century. Unlike the progenitors of immiseration and division, they must not fall victim to fighting for that which has been won. As I have often stated, the problems that concern America today are not color sensitive – they are American sensitive. (Emphasis added)

Mychal argues that Republicans must do a better job reaching out to all Americans, not black Americans. He asks, “Is home ownership, retirement income, education, health care and homeland security a black concern or an American concern?”

As Mychal knows, some people are in the business of making sure others remain distrustful and dependent. As long as their livelihood depends on someone else’s misery, the tired, 60s-era civil rights industry will continue to thrive.

(Hat tip: Booker Rising)

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