CPAC: Endangered Species, Bloggers, Etc.

by La Shawn on 02.10.06

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MeUpdate (2/11): Follow the link for today’s CPAC post.

I’m coming to you live from CPAC. I met a member of an endangered species: a single, straight, black, socially conservative, Christian man (and he reads my blog – excellent). Did I mention that he was single? :)

I couldn’t resist uploading this boring vanity shot, snapped at the black Republicans booth. They want me to join. I don’t know.

Just took a couple of photos with Glenn Reynolds, who’s here hawking his wares. Met the Instawife and Instadaughter. Nice folks.

I’m on the row with Sean Hackbarth, Jeff Harrell, Tom Bridge, Cam Edwards, Wendy Sullivan, and Bryan Preston.

The only session I will likely attend is the one having to do with blogging: New Media v. Old Media: Bringing Balance or Bias? Michelle Malkin will be here later signing books. So will Wayne Perryman, author of Unfounded Loyalty. Ann Coulter and Star Parker this afternoon. Speaking of constellations, I ran into Star yesterday. Forgot to mention it. So exciting. I love Star Parker. :)

I’m off to the new media presentation. More photos later. By the way, Michael Barone (who’s very friendly), columnist and McLaughlin Group semi-regular, knows who I am. Unbelievable.


Click the photo of me and Michael Barone to see photos. As of 12:31 p.m. there are no CPAC photos up yet. After lunch.

3:00 p.m.: More photos on Flickr.

I haven’t had a chance to blog much because it’s like a circus! So many sights and sounds. People keep walking up to the table, pointing and saying, “Look at the bloggers.”

I love when people stop by, introduce themselves, and tell me they read my blog all the time (Newsflash!). That’s why I’m not blogging. Well, Michelle Malkin is signing books and will stop by Bloggers Row. I’ll try to get another photo. :)

One more brag: Tony Snow knows who I am.

4:52 p.m.: OK. Star Parker and me, once again. Click the photo to visit Flickr, where I’ve uploaded new photos, including a shot of the cover of Star’s new book coming out soon.

I met one of my clients, Gregg Jackson of Pundit Review, author of the soon-to-be released book Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies. I’m helping him market the book online. We’re creating a blog to promote it, sending out galleys, trying to get radio and TV interviews…the works. If his book ends up a bestseller, it would great for my our career careers. ;)

Gratuitous comment: People are ragging on Ann Coulter for using the term “raghead.” I think it’s much ado about nothing. How is that, Sean?

I met Stephen Taylor yesterday. He runs The Blogging Tories aggregator, and he’s uber-cool (he said). Stephen and I had a long talk today about forging new bonds between Americans and Canadians, especially bloggers. Conservative Canadian bloggers are having a huge impact on their government, similar to the one we’re having, if I may be so bold, on traditional media.

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