The Survival of Claire Culwell

by La Shawn on 03.29.10

in Child Killing

Claire CulwellIncredible story of survival. Claire Culwell‘s mother became pregnant at 13. She decided to kill the baby.

Weeks later, the girl realized she was still pregnant and tried to get a “partial birth” abortion. The clinic told her she’d been carrying twins, and the abortionist had killed only one. The girl wanted to kill the second baby, but they said it was too late.

The surviving baby was born premature. She was on life support. Because of the procedure that killed her twin, Claire Culwell was born with a dislocated hip and turned-in feet.

Claire is now 21, a nursing student, and part of the pro-life movement.

Update: Melissa Ohden, abortion attempt survivor.

(Hat tip: Rebecca Kiessling)

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