February 2011

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I don’t think the bill stands a chance of becoming law, but Arizona lawmakers are trying to ban abortions based on the race and sex of the fetus.

I have mixed feelings about this. I know what they’re getting at, but barring the mother from killing her baby because he’s mixed race or a boy won’t keep her from killing the baby.

One of the advantages of blogging for almost eight years is archives. No matter what’s going on in the world, chances are I’ve blogged about it or something similar. From May 2010:

Georgia’s Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act

Star Parker wrote a column about the NAACP rescinding support for Georgia’s Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which makes it illegal to knowingly solicit, perform, or accept funding for abortions on account of the unborn child’s race or sex, or the mother’s race.

(Also see Ga. bill would outlaw abortion for race, sex)

According to the version of the bill I linked, if a woman pregnant with a mixed race baby (white parent, black parent, for example) decides to kill the baby because he’s mixed race or because he’s a boy, and the abortionist knows this, he’ll be liable under the law for violating the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act. If she keeps it to herself, he won’t be liable. In the former case, he’s a criminal. In the latter, he’s merely performing his Supreme Court-protected and horrendous job.

Under that scenario, I have mixed feelings. I don’t like injecting race into the abortion debate, because it muddles the issue: protecting the unborn child, regardless of race. Yes, black women kill their babies at three times the rate of white women, but these women are making the choice, are they not? The wrong one, but a choice nonetheless.

I give people the benefit of the doubt. If an individual is doing something harmful to himself or to others, I assume he’s a free moral agent responsible for his actions. I try to avoid attributing actions to “legacy of slavery,” Jim Crow, bad childhood, poverty, low intelligence, undue influence, and the like. Women of any color who kill their babies know exactly what they’re doing.

On the other hand, I know what the legislators are getting at. About 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are located in inner cities. (Some argue that its presence among low-income women is necessary, as it offers free and low-cost services). According to Georgia Right to Life:

“Every 4 days in American more black children are killed through abortion than the KKK killed in 144 years. Georgia leads the country in the number of reported abortions performed on black women, 18,901 in 2008 alone.”

Racial disproportionality or disparity isn’t evidence of racial discrimination. I try to drill this concept into people’s skull’s every week. And though I hate abortion with a passion, an abortionist’s or pregnant woman’s possibly discriminatory motives for killing the baby matter little. Skin color, sex, convenience, finances, don’t want to get fat, don’t want to carry baby to term and adopt out for whatever reason–the end result is a dead baby.

I’ve written articles and blog posts about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s views about child killing and racial minorities, so I understand why people inject race into the debate. In fact, I think pro-lifers should remind or inform pro-aborts about Planned Parenthood’s eugenics roots.

But I’m concerned about consistency when alleging racial discrimination. I’d feel like a hypocrite arguing that racial disparities in academic achievement are not evidence of discrimination, but at the same time arguing that racial disparities in abortion are evidence of discrimination. That black women disproportionately abort their babies is not evidence of racial discrimination on the part of abortionists.

Update II: “And, no, sorry liberals but Planned Parenthood didn’t contact the FBI because they were legitimately worried about sex trafficking. If you actually read the reports from when the left was celebrating how wonderfully ethical Planned Parenthood is you can clearly see that they only contacted the FBI after they realized these were stings and not real. They were worried about the crimes Live Action, which they knew were responsible for the stings at the time, may have committed in conducting this undercover investigation…” (Eyeblast)


Update: In light of being embarrassed by getting caught on tape advising a “pimp” on exams and abortions for his underage “sex workers,” abortion mill Planned Parenthood will retrain staff, according to the New York Times.


Hey, as long as she wants to kill that baby, everything else is secondary.

As I implied in the previous post, feminist types seem more interested in ad hominem against Lila Rose and demonizing the rest of us “anti-choicers” and less interested in Planned Parenthood employees who “professionally” advise a man they believe is a pimp “managing” girls for sex work! When it comes to getting rid of that fetus, compassion and common sense fly out the window.

Since the last post, Live Action Films has released several more tapes with the “pimp” and his “prostitute” getting advice about STD exams and abortions for underage “sex workers,” some of whom the “pimp” says just arrived in the country.

You know, I don’t like name-calling. I consider it the mark of someone too lazy to come up with a clever turn of phrase or develop a witty enough writing style to get the point across. I’m not exempted. Today I’m feeling lazy and decidedly non-witty (again).

These abortion mill employees caught on tape advising the “pimp” instead of kicking him out or calling the cops (or getting the supervisor, something) while he’s there are complete and unequivocal idiots.

If you can stand it, check out the rest of the tapes.

Update: Tonight at 8:30 EST, Expose Planned Parenthood will host a webcast with Live Action Films’ Lila Rose, Americans United for Life’s Charmaine Yoest, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr’s pro-life niece, Alveda King, and others.


unborn babyYou’ve got to be kidding me. Another Planned Parenthood abortion mill was caught in Live Action’s sting?

The “pimp” and “prostitute” walk into a clinic in Richmond, Virginia, making the same claims about sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, and underage, “out of the country” girls.

What a big old frakin mess! A grown man tells a Planned Parenthood employee that he’s involved in “sex work,” that he “manages” underage girls who have STDs, and the employee just sits there listening and answering his questions? Good Lord.

The employee tells the “pimp” underage girls need a legal guardian to get an abortion, but adds that there’s a “judicial bypass…if you guys ever need it.” Planned Parenthood is advising a man posing as a pimp on how to get around the law to obtain abortions for his underage prostitutes. Is this for real? Tell me it’s just a Candid Camera we-fooled-you-suckers video hoax!

I’ll bet most women working at Planned Parenthood would describe themselves as feminists. What happened to protecting women and girls from “patriarchal” exploitation? Does killing unborn babies supercede that? What kind of world is this?

Also see Planned Parenthood Advises ‘Pimp’ About Abortions for Underage Girls–UPDATED

Considering Abortion?

by La Shawn on 02.02.11

in Child Killing

Twenty-two days after conception, your baby’s heart is beating. Make sure it keeps beating. Protect him and give him life. And watch this.

Planned Parenthood Advises ‘Pimp’ About Abortions for Underage Girls–UPDATED

February 1, 2011

Update (2/2): “Shocked” Planned Parenthood fires Amy Woodruff. Update: Jill Stanek says that after Planned Parenthood clinics realized they’d been stung, CEO Cecile Richards “belatedly” reported the posing sex trafficker to the feds. See this Associated Press story. *** Lila Rose of Live Action Films does it again. A man and a woman walk into […]

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